Welcome to Serenity Beach:

Our guests enjoy the activities like no other. We offer kayaking, kiteboarding, bone fishing, sailing, scuba diving, caving and snorkelling. But we don’t stop there. You can also try your hand at Hobie Cats, deep-sea fishing and much more!


One of the most well-known resorts in the world is Serenity Beach. Our resort is ideal for amateurs and enthusiasts, from beginners to specialists! With a pristine setting and expansive grounds, our guests experience the perfect get-away.

What’s More?

We take care of your whole experience here at Serenity Beach with activities like our poolside bar service and international cuisine.

Why not make your next vacation unforgettable with our enticing packages? We have everything you need to create your unique escape!

We offer the best ATV activity in town, guaranteed. With all-inclusive safety gear and experienced drivers, you can have the time of your life worry-free.
Quit the busy, noisy metro and come to Abaco island. Here you can escape the busy work life and find peace in the sound of the waves. Boating at its finest, we offer safe yet thrilling boat rides with beverages, appetizers, and music!
Life is hectic with work and family, so take a break by hitting the water. Escape to Serenity Beach and get up close and personal with dolphins as you jet ski along the bay.
Serenity Beach in Abaco is nestled on the beautiful island of Abaco in the Bahamas. With crystal clear waters and a limited number of visitors, you’ll revel in the beauty of this tropical paradise.
Serenity Beach Resort has been touted as the safest beach resort in the Bahamas. It boasts an exclusive members-only club where you can have fun without worrying about getting drunk and knocking over tourists! The island has never had any significant incidents.
Our Hobie Cat rentals are more than just an activity. We take care of all your needs while you’re away from home – from check-in to check-out, we provide you with the perfect escape!
Imagine a kayak that’s designed to be light and easy to carry, with a portable kayak seat, which is perfect for night trips. It’s the perfect way to experience the night with serenity.
Serenity Beach is one of the few places that offers a perfect blend of kiteboarding and surf. Experience the true freedom of kiteboarding in the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean. Just steps away from a serene beach.
Take a break from your busy day and catch some fish! Our guests have told us that when they’re on vacation, they don’t want to spend their time worrying about what needs to happen when they get back home.
The journey starts by the sea in peaceful waters, clean air and pure white sand, walking through a space where time seems to have stopped. Nature has already been there, providing everything that you need to enjoy a life filled with pure happiness.
Serenity Beach in the Bahamas offers an expansive range of scuba-diving vacations. We are the only scuba diving operators in the Bahamas that offer all-inclusive accommodation and meals, exciting day excursions and liveaboard dive trips.

South of Serenity is 20,000 acres of Abaco’s National Forest and home to the endangered Abaco Parrot

Caves can sometimes be a little too predictable, so to keep things fresh, we offer underground caving options for all levels of adventurers. From beginner-level trips to more challenging expeditions, we have something for every explorer to discover.
Welcome to Serenity Beach, the leading horseback riding destination in the world. Here, you’ll find every amenity to make your vacation perfect – from world-class beaches to an array of outdoor activities, dining options, and luxurious accommodations.
The water is a crystal clear turquoise, creating a natural masterpiece of an underwater experience. The perfectly sloping walls and ceiling create an airy, refreshing atmosphere where plants and coral thrive.