Kayak Bahamas

We’re Paddling Into a New Experience:

Imagine a kayak that’s designed to be light and easy to carry, with a portable kayak seat, which is perfect for night trips. It’s the perfect way to experience the night with serenity.

The Best of Both Worlds:

Explore the water during the day and sleep under stars at night. With our kayaks, you can enjoy a light and compact boat, with all of its essential features, like retractable paddle and seat, perfect for your next adventure.

Peaceful Adventure:

The serenity beach offers visitors an opportunity to explore the island’s natural beauty and enjoy a peaceful time. The kayak tour allows you to paddle past secluded beaches, lush mangroves, and other stunning sunsets. Kayaking is a low-impact activity that is suitable for all ages.

If your goal for your Bahamas vacation is relaxation after a long day, then this is just what you need! Enjoy our kayak tour as you paddle by your destination enjoying nature’s beauty as you go!
Get some time off, relax and enjoy yourself at Serenity Beach Bahamas!