Experience the Serenity of Sailing on the Abaco Islands

Serenity Beach in Abaco offers you the chance to sail in a serene, peaceful, untouched natural environment.

The Journey Starts at the Sea:

The journey starts by the sea in peaceful waters, clean air and pure white sand, walking through a space where time seems to have stopped. Nature has already been there, providing everything that you need to enjoy a life filled with pure happiness. You will feel magic, peace and tranquillity on this journey that will lead you to a new world where you can experience an infinite number of emotions and sensations which will make you feel alive.

Take your Sailing Experience to a New Level:

We specialise in providing a premium-quality sailing vacation that will be a fantastic memory for years. With our expert staff and luxury equipment, you can sail fully assured that your experience will be unforgettable.

Family-Friendly Sailing Adventure:

Our family-friendly courses provide an affordable option for those who want to take their kids on a sailboat trip. You’ll enjoy quality time with your family while navigating crystal clear waters and enjoying beautiful views!
Book an all-inclusive vacation package today and watch the sunrise over a spectacular view of the turquoise waters below.