Snorkeling Bahamas

Safe and Serene

Serenity Beach Resort has been touted as the safest beach resort in the Bahamas. It boasts an exclusive members-only club where you can have fun without worrying about getting drunk and knocking over tourists! The island has never had any significant incidents.

Conscious Snorkelling

Your deep-sea captains have received specialised training in working with coral and ensuring its security. They also guarantee a fantastic diving experience by providing you view as many unusual reef fish as you can while snorkelling.

Snorkel With Us!

Booking your day in at our resort includes free snorkel equipment, which you can use at our private island in front of Serenity Beach Resort. With a personal boat service, it’s easy to get to this hidden paradise!
A travel experience like no other on Earth — join us for a relaxing time with the Caribbean Sea!