Discovery Serenity Beach Founder's Round:
Your Invitation to Paradise

Exclusive Invitation to the Serenity Beach Founders Round: Limited Spots Available!

Welcome to an unparalleled opportunity to be among the exclusive founders of Serenity Beach, an extraordinary luxury real estate development nestled in the breathtaking Abaco island of the Bahamas.

As we unveil this pristine paradise, we are extending a special invitation to a select few discerning individuals. Join the waitlist for an exclusive preview period, where you’ll indulge in the sheer bliss of white sand, turquoise waters, and delightful beach drinks—all on us.

This is an exclusive chance to immerse yourself in the serenity and beauty of Serenity Beach, where you’ll experience the very essence of luxury living. But act swiftly, for the Founders Round has limited spots available, ensuring an intimate and personal experience that you won’t want to miss.

Be among the first to explore our exquisite properties, carefully curated experiences, and the unrivaled Beach Club—soon to begin construction. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to secure beachfront property and enjoy the benefits that come with being a true founder of Serenity Beach.

Embrace the allure of this unparalleled experience and secure your spot now. Take the first step toward becoming part of a visionary community where luxury meets tranquility. Limited spots are available, and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on the chance to be part of something truly extraordinary.

Register for the waitlist today. You will be the first to choose from dates between now and Jan 26, 2024 to come down to Serenity and experience it in person. The countdown has begun, and we eagerly await the pleasure of hosting you in this captivating coastal haven.

Are you ready to experience Serenity?

Benefits of Being a Founder

Join the Waitlist for this incredible opportunity

The Serenity Beach Founders Round is an exclusive opportunity for a select group of individuals to preview and experience the luxury and beauty of Serenity Beach and become a Founder. As a founder, you’ll have access to priority property selections, private events, and profit sharing in property sales.

To secure your spot in the Founders Round, simply join our waitlist by providing your name, email, and contact information. Once registered, you’ll receive updates on the official open dates and details on how to secure your place in this exclusive preview period.

If extended the, preview period for the Serenity Beach Founders Round will take place now till the end of Jan 26, 2024. During this time, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the white sand, turquoise waters, and beach drinks on us.

The private event is an exclusive gathering for all interested Founders. During this event, we’ll announce the property selections and provide an opportunity for founders to connect and network with each other.

While the Serenity Beach Founders Round offers unique benefits, you can still invest in Serenity Beach outside of this exclusive period. However, becoming a founder grants you priority access and special privileges. Please contact us for details.

Yes, Serenity Beach welcomes buyers from around the world. Our team can assist with any international purchase inquiries.

Absolutely! While the Founders Round provides an exclusive experience, you can plan a visit to Serenity Beach at any time to explore the community and available properties.

Joining the waitlist is easy! Simply provide your name, email, and contact information on our website, and you’ll receive regular updates on Serenity Beach, including launch details and the latest developments.